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Fern Valley Ventures

Join The Fern Valley Venturers in four exciting escapades.

In The Vanishing Tom and Ali build a secret tree house in Fern Valley. But when Tom finds an even better hiding place, he has no idea it will soon turn into a near death trap.

In The Vortex Jim seems intent on making Sameer’s life a misery as The Venturers face the challenges of a week at an Activity Camp. Find out if Sameer will become his friend indeed when Jim is swept away towards a watery end.

In The Villa identical twins Jill and Jackie enjoy confusing everybody as The Venturers are involved in an archaeological dig taking place in the village. As well as discovering Roman coins and jewellery they have to track down and catch the thief who steals the finds, and the vandals who threaten to ruin the dig.

In The Verdict Laura is devastated when the cash box she has been entrusted with at the school fair is stolen. It’s Guy Fawkes night and as the bonfire roars and rages out of control and fireworks explode all around them, can The Venturers catch the thief and recover the money?